Easter Seals Hawaii and Matson Navigation Company celebrate 60 years of partnership

17 Shezden, mom and auntyMatson throws an annual Christmas party and provides presents for each Easter Seals Hawaii participant.

Easter Seals Hawaii (ESH) celebrated 60 years of a strong, supportive partnership with Matson Navigation Company at the Manoa Recreation Center on Friday, Dec. 13. The celebration was a combination of Matson’s annual Christmas party for ESH’s children participants with disabilities, special needs or developmental delays and recognition of their long relationship with the organization.


For the parents who could not attend, grandparents were more than happy to take part the festivities.

A total of 55 families attended the event. Easter Seals Hawaii’s families enjoyed presents, crafts, fun activities, a Christmas tree, cake, food and refreshments, all provided by Matson. The celebration featured photos with Santa and a drawing for the Christmas tree for a lucky family from ESH.

6 Thompson Family

The Thompson family enjoyed the festive treats, crafts and photos with Santa.

“We cannot thank Matson Navigation Company enough for 60 years of bringing the Christmas spirit to Easter Seals Hawaii,” said ESH President and CEO Christopher Blanchard. “The party is so popular that families we support ask about the Matson Christmas party almost as soon as they join our programs. On behalf of the entire Easter Seals Hawaii ohana, I thank Matson for the many things they do to support us and the rest of the community throughout the year.”

 52Left to right: ESH Board Chair Dick Sears, Matson’s CEO Matthew Cox, Matson’s VP of Sales Gary Nakamatsu, ESH Director of Early Intervention Charlene Robles, ESH CEO Chris Blanchard, ESH CFO Mikio Sato and Matson’s  Senior VP and ESH Board Member Vic Angoco. 

Matson began sponsoring Christmas parties for the children and families served by Easter Seals Hawaii since 1953. The party was originally held at the dock on the day of the first shipment of Christmas trees arrived in Hawaii. Since then, Matson employees have continued to support the organization through donations, volunteerism and participating in ESH’s signature fundraisers in the past six decades, such as the Annual Golf Classic and the Gingerbread Family Festival.

66Our Easter Seals Hawaii staff and thank Matson Navigation Company for the joy they bring each year to our participants and their families!

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