Halloween Across the Islands

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Halloween at Easter Seals Hawaii is not just another fun holiday for us…it’s a reason to party! Our programs across the Hawaiian Islands have hosted “Spooktacular” parties for their participants and their families.

On Hilo, ESH Hilo Early Intervention held a party that featured an obstacle course, arts, crafts and snacks! Fifteen families attended and had so much fun with the various ‘sensory’ activities and cool decor! Our Hilo EI Program Social Worker, Cheryl Jackson, said, “The weather was great for playing in the goop outside and riding rocking horses after crawling through tunnels inside. Some families didn’t want to leave!”

On Kauai, the Lihue Service Center held a Halloween Party for adult participants at Lydgate Beach Park! The sun and weather were perfect for swimming and spending the day at the beach. The party featured games, costumes, yummy treats and even a Halloween Sculpture Contest!

On Oahu, the Sultan Early Intervention Program held a fun “trick or treat” party in the courtyard. ESH staff gave out cool toys, stickers and yummy treats. Top costumes were The Hulk and The Quarterback.


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