Youth Services participants expand their creative skills at Clay Cafe


Megan and her Aunty Joy spent some time together painting miniatures made of clay.

The Easter Seals Hawaii (ESH) Youth Services program explored their creativity and imagination at Clay Cafe at Ward Warehouse last Sunday. More than 15 participants and some of their family members were able to paint some beautiful figures made of clay. The outing was made possible by the Avril Lavigne Foundation and featured some participants that are part of the Avril Lavigne Rockstar Club that take part in creative activities that explore various talents.

First participants selected their clay figure, planned how they wanted to decorate it, select their paint colors, stamps and stencils and dry each piece with a blow dryer. The activity is geared towards expanding their creative, fine motor and social skills as they chat with fellow participants about their ideas and even assist those who need help with painting or drying their piece.


Gabriel proudly shows off his creation: a yellow football.


A helpful hand guides participant CJ’s paintbrush.

Clay Cafe’s owner Donna Kaneshiro and her assistant Amee Tiarra offered our ESH participants the materials needed to paint and adorn their clay figures. They also provided a lot of guidance with decoration ideas. “We love having Easter Seals Hawaii here. We hope to host them again,” said Kaneshiro.


Henneson painted a monkey with the words (and a heart) “I ❤ You!” on it’s side. His work of art is a gift for his mother. “I told my mom I’d make something for her while I’m here,” he said.


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