An unforgettable May Day celebration

On Wednesday, May 22nd, the Honolulu Service Center Adult Day Health held their May Day celebration featuring a heartfelt ceremony, fun performances and ono Hawaiian food. Participants represented each of the Hawaiian Islands with their respective colors. Emcee Bubbles introduced each participant in the May Day court, humorously entertaining the crowd with facts about each island, quizzing participants on Hawaii trivia and giving out gifts for the mothers that have helped the program set up for such a memorable May Day celebration. Take a look at the sweet moments we caught on camera:

MAYDAY1ESH Participant Peter Quintanilla walked in with style! Representing the garden isle of Kauai, he strutted his way down the aisle.


Peter and sidekick Daniel Bacon (also an ESH participant) make an entertaining duo as part of the May Day court.


ESH participant Grace Caraang proudly represented the island of Moloka’i. 

MAYDAY5The audience was delighted to see the beautiful and confident entrance and introduction of the May Day Queen Jaimie Palting.

MAYDAY6The May Day King and Queen shared many touching moments.

The big moment for the participants was the announcement of the king and queen of the May Day court. King Bennett Yoshioka and Queen Jaimie captured the attention of everyone in the room with their royal introductions and entrance. Queen Jaimie proudly waved to the audience and her May Day court. King Bennett beamed at her bright smile as they held hands.


The May Day King and Queen held hands during their dance.


ESH participant Katie O’Brien graced the May Day court and audience with her beautiful hula performance.

The ESH Honolulu Service Center Adult Day Health program did an excellent job in putting on a beautiful and meaningful May Day celebration for the participants and their ohana. It taught them and the attendees more about May Day as Lei Day and its importance in the Hawaiian culture.


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