ESH staff and participant speak at the Pacific Rim International Conference

PACRIMCase Coordinator Joanne Getty and participant/public speaker Nicole Kelly train others how to prepare for natural disasters and emergencies. (Photo: Kaydee Johannsen)

Participant Nicole Kelly, Case Coordinator Joanne Getty, Safety and Quality Assurance Manager Heather Mossinger and Assistive Technology Manager Eric Arveson proudly represented ESH at The Pacific Rim International Conference on Disability and Diversity last week! Approximately 1000 people attended the two-day conference, which was held at the Hawai’i Convention Center. The conference brings professionals and international organizations geared towards assisting people with disabilities together to share studies, techniques and programs that work in their respective countries.

Seasoned public speaker and participant Nicole Kelly and her case coordinator Joanne Getty held a breakout session that focused on safety procedures and preparation. The title was Feeling Safe, Being Safe, which trains people with disabilities how to prepare for natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes. 37-year-old Nicole drew a crowd with her confident speaking skills and passionate message about being safe during an emergency. “Nicole is our most experienced trainer at Easter Seals Hawaii…she is the reason why most people attended the workshop (at the PacRim Conference). They wanted to see her,” said Joanne. Nicole continues to train her peers at ESH and plans to do more talks and training in the community.

In addition to Nicole and Joanne’s presentation, Assistive Technology Manager, Eric Arveson joined Dr. Jim Skouge and Brian Kajiyama in their presentation to honor the work and life of Dr. Richard Radtke, a world-renown marine biologist, advocate, mentor for individuals with disabilities and former ESH board member. “The conference was fascinating because it covered such a wide range of topics, explored various cultures and innovations,” said Arveson. Safety and Quality Assurance Manager Heather Mossinger co-presented with Kevin Dierks, the Hawaii Therap Representative. Their presentation was titled, Quality Assurance: The Science of Meaningful Lives, which is an online documentation system that ESH currently uses and how it provides meaningful outcomes and goals for people with disabilities. She said, “It (the conference) is a great place to network with so many different facets of people that provide similar services as us. There are so many people from other countries, Australia provided the same types of services that we do, but their country was so much more advance in terms of providing services for people with disabilities. It was cool.”

ESH is so proud of their staff and talented participant Nicole! They all did an excellent job at representing the organization and Hawaii at the conference.


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