First honorary Easter Seals Hawaii coin presented to Heather Mossinger


Easter Seals Hawaii CEO & President Christopher E. Blanchard proudly presents the honorary ESH coin to Safety and Quality Assurance Manager Heather Mossinger

Safety and quality assurance manager Heather Mossinger was the first recipient of the honorary ESH coin on Thursday, April 18th at Green Street. The coin was presented by CEO and President Christopher E. Blanchard after the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) officials wrapped up their assessment of ESH facilities and operations. “Heather served as the lead staff member for the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) survey last week.   The surveyors examined more than 1,000 CARF standards for across Easter Seals Hawaii programs.  Heather not only helped prepare the staff, but she conducted a remarkable amount of research to determine the standards in the many areas that were inspected.  It turns out, we did very well.  In short, Heather did a terrific job,” said Blanchard.


CARF officials give their approval of the excellent services, programs and facilities ESH offers to families all over the island.

The presentation of honorary coins is a new tradition for ESH, which was adopted from the military culture of using coins embellished with the unit’s motto and symbol as a reminder of extraordinary service. Blanchard’s military background was the basis of implementing a new way of thanking and recognizing ESH staff members who demonstrate merit when facing a challenge and also those who contribute to the organization. He said, “I will typically present the coins on behalf of the agency.  I plan to do it anytime and anywhere I see employees, volunteers, donors, or other supporters of Easter Seals Hawaii doing something extraordinary.  We had the year printed on our coins, and we hope that people will strive to earn one in each successive year and ‘collect the whole set.’  We may change it a little from year to year, but we must ensure it serves as a reminder of Easter Seals Hawaii.”

ESH coin

As far as the origin of the coin, Blanchard shared that soldiers as far back as the Civil War kept a coin as a memento of their wartime military service. Eventually, it was a means of expressing unit cohesion and military commanders began to have coins minted for them. For ESH, the coins bear the Easter Lily and the Hawaiian Islands. It services as a symbol of the passion and integrity of anyone who has a selfless commitment to ESH.


2 thoughts on “First honorary Easter Seals Hawaii coin presented to Heather Mossinger

  1. Thats my girl!!!!!So proud of you Heather you have kept working with people with disabilities since your neice was born. Special Olympics Coach, volunteering since grade school all the way though your adult life. You have realized from a very early age how very special these people are. I know you will continue to strive to make their lives better and pass this wonderful gift down to your child and future grandchildren. We are truly blessed and I am very proud to be your mother. I love you and know you have picked the most rewarding career which will only give you back more then what you have given..


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