Cosmic Bowling with our Youth Program

COSMIC2Twenty-seven of our participants and teens in our youth program scored some strikes at Aiea Bowl this past Sunday! They were quite the bowlers and even learned how to perfect their form. The social outing was funded by the Avril Lavigne Foundation, which was geared to provide fun, educational opportunities for our Youth Services program. Our Avril Lavigne Rock Star Club members even invited some of their family members to partake in the bowling competition.

COSMIC1These teens joined our youth program to socialize and have fun! We found out that some of them were also part of a junior bowling league and gave a few tips on how to knock down the most pins. They were all treated to some melted, gooey, cheesy pizza.

COSMIC5This is Jan Pauline Honrales, she knocked down some pins with her lucky lemon yellow ball. Look at how fast it’s going!

COSMIC3Lastly, everyone wished Gabe a Happy Birthday. He just turned 19-years-old! His proud parents had a blast showing other participants how to bowl. Mahalo for coming everyone! We think we had the loudest (and proudest) cheers in the bowling alley!


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