Former participant Cody Santiago makes headlines as a valued employee at Safeway

Cody SantiagoAs part of Disabilities Awareness Month, KHON2 News’ Olena Heu featured our former participant Cody Santiago as a valued employee and independent individual at Safeway Manoa yesterday morning.

A few minutes before the interview and filming of the news package, Cody appeared nervous, yet excited at the opportunity of appearing on camera and having people take interest to what he does at his job. But once the camera started to roll, he was enthusiastic to show off his dazzling customer service skills. A Kalani High School graduate, Cody never let any of his struggles get in the way of leading an active and independent life. He was diagnosed with intellectual disabilities and took advantage of the services and programs provided by Easter Seals Hawaii.  His case coordinator, Chandiss Keller, said that Cody is a very independent adult that leads an active social life.

According to Chandiss, the one thing that Cody dreams of is appearing on Hawaii Five-O. Watch his segment to get a glimpse of his first shot at fame. [Full video &  article at KHON News]

We’re so proud and thankful for Cody representing Easter Seals Hawaii and showing others what we do best! We give adults like him the skills and experience needed to live an independent life. Don’t forget to select Easter Seals Hawaii at your local Safeway checkout stand! Money raised goes to support keiki, teenagers and adults with disabilities in Hawaii.


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