Our Mahalo Reception last Friday

How do we feel when one of our former adult participants shares her personal story about working towards that first paycheck? When a beautiful hula performance mesmerizes the entire crowd? Or how about when we are blindsided by a surprise donation from unexpected donors? Chicken skin and big grins! That’s what we feel.

We’re still recovering from our excitement from Friday’s Mahalo Reception at Nico’s at Pier 38. It was an event to remember because we had many of our supportive and enthusiastic donors and contributors that have helped us in 2012 in attendance. This was our way of sending a big “mahalo” to all those who have contributed to Easter Seals Hawaii’s success within the last year.

ESH(Mahalo Reception)-3-22-2013-116

Emcee Rick Hamada shares his passion for Easter Seals Hawaii.

Our program was headed by our emcee Rick Hamada, our golf tournament director and long-time supporter. In addition to the delicious food, heartfelt speakers and excellent décor, we would like to share a few of our favorite moments from our event.

ESH(Mahalo Reception)-3-22-2013-046

Katie O’Brien, Grace Caraang, Christie Moorman and Keilani Robinson dancing hula for our attendees.

Adult participants Katie O’Brien, Christie Moorman, Grace Caraang and Keilani Robinson gave the most beautiful and graceful hula performance. Delicately dressed in colorful aloha print, they danced to “Hawaiian Lullaby” and Katie happily graced us with her hula solo performance of “These Islands.” The entire crowd was enamored by the passion and talent of these wonderful women.

ESH(Mahalo Reception)-3-22-2013-139

The crowd claps and signs “Bravo” after the graceful hula performance.

A Touch of Gold performed Motown hits that got the crowd to their feet and all of our adult participants enjoyed themselves on the dance floor. They were a very interactive and entertaining act. Chairman of the Easter Seals Hawaii Board of Directors, Dick Sears, said, “I do not remember the last time I was so truly inspired and entertained to ‘belly laugh’ status simultaneously so well.” In addition, our very own Honolulu Service Center Adult Day Health participants, Daniel Bacon and Peter Quintanilla, may just become the sixth and seventh members of the soulful singing group. They picked up their choreography in seconds! We have such talented participants.

ESH(Mahalo Reception)-3-22-2013-059

A Touch of Gold entertains guests and participants Daniel Bacon and Peter Quintanilla.

ESH(Mahalo Reception)-3-22-2013-060

Peter Quintanilla gets down with the Motown songs.

During the program, we showed a video of a few of our current and former participants, including Keilani Robinson, a young woman who now works as a hostess at the local favorite Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha in Aina Haina. After the video, Keilani presented Easter Seals Hawaii with part of her very first paycheck! We are so grateful that Keilani wants to give back to our Early Intervention and adult programs.

ESH(Mahalo Reception)-3-22-2013-149

Keilani Robinson claps after the feature video on her experience with Easter Seals Hawaii. 

Lastly, as the crowd trickled out and the Nico’s staff cleaned up, the banquet manager walked up to Iwalani and explained that the wait staff were so moved by Keilani’s story that they donated all of their cash tips (a total of $53) to ESH! They said our event was very moving and they wanted to support our organization.

Mahalo to all of our participants, board members, committee members, staff and volunteers for making this a magical event happen.

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ESH(Mahalo Reception)-3-22-2013-142ESH(Mahalo Reception)-3-22-2013-185ESH(Mahalo Reception)-3-22-2013-154

Easter Seals Hawaii CEO Chris Blanchard, Board Chair Dick Sears and VP Iwalani Dayton thank those who have supported ESH.


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